A little bit about me.

My Life In a Lab Coat.

My name is Sara Turner, I'm a 20-something, PhD student studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary. I have a BSc Hons in Biology and Pharmacology from McMaster University. I spend upwards of 40 hours a week in a lab coat (or at least at a lab bench, I'm really bad at remembering to wear my coat), and in the wee hours of the morning I think about the kind of science I'd like to share with you.

My Life In a Lab Coat. began as my personal blog, and quickly became a combination of my day to day endevours, my opinions on life in the academic fast lane, discussions about science, academic and personal success....and then some. So to keep things coherant in December 2012 I split things in two.

You can follow my personal blog over at www.mylifeOutOfalabcoat.com


You can follow along here at www.mylifeInalabcoat.com

or both really.

As a disclaimer, the content of this blog is comprised of my own personal opinions, independent of any organization/school/etc I may be a part of. Outside information will be referenced accordingly.

Oh yeah....DFTBA!


  1. Replies
    1. haha she is fantastic! I'm just clicking through your blog right now, looks great!

    2. beeeh, its the generic template. I am in the process of making it "my own" (I just started blogging last week) and my computer hates blogspot, apparently. having trouble. Give me a couple weeks and it'll be a lot better :D


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